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Count on us, drive your business with confidence!

Who We Are

Maxicount started as a personal business consultant service handling well known clients with specific business needs. What started as personal projects handled with passion and dedication yielded success stories: accelerated business growth rate, streamlined businesses process, outstanding business support.
As words of mouth spread from our clients, the request for our service grew. The number of the cases that we handled increase exponentially. Naturally our teams, expertise, and capacity continued to improved rapidly by exposure to multitude of challenge coming from diverse industries (Service industry, software industry, food industry, health industry, manufacturing, and many others).
PT Maxicount Indonesia was established in January 2014 as the answer to the ever growing needs of our clients in facing the ever changing business environment. Ever since then, we have never ceased growing and become better at what we do.  Which is providing outstanding business solution for our clients.

Our Standpoint

We position our self as the ultimate pit-stop for our clients. As in every race, excellent racers need more than their skill and fast machine to stay ahead in the game. We strongly understand the needs of every businesses, not just to survive but to thrive, they need people with expertise who can tune in to their performance and provided them with analysis, solution and people with the right know how.
We watches our partners’ back. We understand many businesses with great potential failed because they don’t understand some aspect of the business such as finance, taxation, micro management, etc. This is where we come to the rescue. Our clients often express that they feel safer in running their business, because they have us watching their blind spots, thus enabling them to do what they know best. 
Gearing up your business with maximum acceleration

Our Core Value

Maxicount’s excellent record is based on that we all strongly shares within our company.

Partner & Affiliate

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